Project Proposal

Works Via Amerigo Vecchione

(‘‘Via della Veduta’’)

Projet leader: Massimiliano Battista



Atina's "active citizenship" movement aims to redevelop via Amerigo Vecchione better known as '' via della vista '', intervening with a painting of the 16 concrete walls that are interspersed between the railings. is to restore value to one of the most attractive places in the country, which is in a state of neglect.


Through a pictorial performance that, using the colors of the shades of the sky, from sunrise to sunset, invites us to take a walk and suggests another value of this road; the opportunity to witness the daily transformations of nature.


The idea is to reproduce on the aforementioned surfaces a chromatic synthesis of the shades of the sky, observable from the '' Veduta'', by sampling the colors present in the same at different times of the day.


The sixteen carefully selected colors will be shown on the individual square walls as if they were pixels, fundamental units that embody the beauties of Val Comino and which together will blend with the surrounding environment.


The idea of ​​the pixel is also closely linked to the desire to propose a reflection on the relationship between the individual, community and nature.

with the addition of low walls