Everything was against us today for the first edition of the Treasure Hunt.

Eole (God of the wind), Tlaloc (Aztec God of rain), Greenpasso (Lord of Covid).


Despite the bad weather and a mountain of problems, we have come to an end.

We did it !!!

With passion, with love and a lot of energy. People who love Atina are as enterprising as the Samnite warriors who preceded us. An day to remeber, for sure!


Thanks to the entire Euratina team (urbi et orbi)

Thanks to Terraferma (respect girls!) Thanks to the municipality of Atina.

Thanks to the many sponsors !! I forget many others probably (Max, Marta, Filippo, Corinne, Christina, Natalia, Maurizio, Franca, Ilenia, the Folklore team, Valentina, Stefano, the Mayor, Giulia, Paola, Santo Benedetto)


We have not made the legend but have written a paragraph from the great book of life.

And it is very good that way. Can't wait to see you all next year for a new adventure.


"Heaven, is loving many things with passion." (Pablo Picasso).