Our Friends




Louise Shapcott's site is by far the most comprehensive and complete private website covering Atina and the

Valle di Comino. Resident in Wales but originally from Atina, Louise is an unconditional lover of the region who is eager to share her passion.

Very active on social media, she is as charming as captivating.

Her Facebook page “We Love Atina and the Valle di Comino” has an impressive and ever-growing number of subscribers. 

Louise was the driving force behind the Emigration Festival 2019 and her collaboration was extremely precious. 

I can say that she became a true friend.





Paola Visocchi and her daughters scramble with whatever means at hand to keep the fire going.

One that encourages a spirit of initiative, an interest in art and living together. In the very heart of the historic center,

within the most beautiful listed palace of Atina Il Cantinone Visocchi encourages  any type of encoutners and is not afraid to think outside the box,

aware that the survival of a village depends on opening up to a world that surrounds our stone walls.  

Without Paola there would never have been an emigration festival. Special wink to Giulia Visocchi!





This association has the ambition - to be a temporal bridge between the memory of the past and future projects

through the knowledge of the current reality of our compatriots abroad, weaving a web of social, cultural and economic, but above all emotional, relationships.

among all those who have origins, near or far in our Valley.

Valcomino Senza Confini is convinced that the migratory drama of the past can be transformed into a favorable opportunity to increase the current range of

social, cultural and human opportunities, without underestimating, but also without privileging, the economic ones.

The "Le Coluche" award is organized every two years and refers to the famous French artist and humorist, originally from Casalvieri. Franco Ianni,

president of Valcomino without borders, welcomed, guided, helped and embraced me like a father during my first steps as a founding member of Euratina.





Naturalmente Atina is a multisectoral network of companies.

Its objective is to revitalize and enhance both the commercial and tourist fabric of the entire municipality in order to improve the positioning of

the "Atina" brand on the regional tourist and economic market.

Today, this fabric is seriously undermined by the abnormal development of large shopping centers and large online sales networks.

In this context, the protection of small family businesses, close to the consumer and inspired by a maximum of sociality, humanity and conviviality,

represents a major operation not only economic, but above all cultural.

The president Orazio Paolo Riccardi listened to us and helped us in the development of the first festival of emigration.

It is important to salute this professional project carried by Naturalmente Atina who understood the real issues for the future of our village.