After four years of existence and as many experiences, Euratina has always prided itself on being a non-political association, a value that we included in our articles of association from the very beginning.


In the face of an increasingly violent world, it seemed important to us to complement the values that we consider important and that we would like to share with all our members.


Violence is present at home, at work, in sports, and elsewhere. Violence can be physical, verbal, economic, sexual, psychological, or moral.


With this goal in mind, Euratina would like to combat all forms of violence present in our society by adopting a charter explicitly aimed at condemning all forms of violence and discrimination.


Thus, the idea came to us to create a charter, as follows, of values that we hold dear:




  • Respect for individuals, particularly vulnerable individuals such as children, women, and anyone physically or mentally disabled,

  • Violence and racism are banned from our values,

  • Respect in relationships between individuals without harassment, abuse of power, authority, or trust,

  • Respect for the LGBTQI+ community,

  • Respect for differences and empathy between generations,

  • Respect for any differences in culture, nationality, or skin color,

  • Respect for the environment,

  • Respect for animals.


Each individual has a unique genetic imprint. We are all different to varying degrees, which helps us learn from each other.


"Let's learn from our differences."


In practice, we pledge that everyone will respect the charter and act accordingly.