Brussels, December 1st 2021


Dear friend and supporter of Atina and surroundings,


It will soon be three years since the Euratina association has been active. On the occasion of this end of the year 2021 we would like to share with you the joys and teachings that the life of the association has brought us to date.


We would like to sincerely thank all our members who, right from the start, believed in our project and supported it.


For those of you who, like us, have your roots in Atina, and who would like to join us, or if you are simply curious to learn what is happening there, here is a list of the projects carried out by the association since its creation:



  • 2020: Launch of the site and preparation of 2021 projects.



  • Receipt of subsidies for the reconstruction of the church of San Marco (cemetery of the historic center) dating back to the eleventh century and partially destroyed during the Second World War.



2022: Various cultural and slow sustainable touristic projects are being prepared.


During our various activities we have been able to see that Euratina, while in no way involved in local or national politics, has received the support of the municipality of Atina as well as the Lazio region, while retaining its independence and control over the funds used in the realization of the projects.


In addition, we have learned that most of the projects supported by the public authorities are practically always initiated by private citizen initiatives such as those presented by Euratina.


It also appeared that Atina, due to its history and geographical position, is a pole of attraction bringing together all the villages of the Valle di Comino. In other words, what is good for Atina benefits the whole valley as well and vice versa.


Another obvious fact that we noted is that Atina has about 4,200 inhabitants. However, thanks to the emigration festival, we have been able to estimate that there is at least an equal number of people from Atina around the world from the first, second and third generation of emigrants.


This observation made us aware of the cultural richness that this community represents and its formidable reservoir of new and exciting ideas that could benefit Atina and the surrounding area if this community were organized around an association like Euratina.


Let us recall here that the main goal of Euratina, through its cultural diversity, is to improve the living environment of the locality both for residents and for visitors in search of peace, rest, clean air, untouched and wild nature, or to reconnect with one's own roots or, for the youngest, to understand their origins.


As lovers of Atina and its surroundings we can all at our level contribute to help consolidate the recently acquired official title of one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. This title must be earned and it takes a lot of efforts to keep the level.


That is why we appeal to all the friends of Atina who would like to join Euratina, remember a non-profit, independent and apolitical association.

How can you help us realize beautiful projects? Here are some options available to you:


1.           Become an ordinary member.

2.           Become an active member.

3.           Become a benefactor member.

4.           Become a friend.


An ordinary member gives his opinion and suggestions on the activities of the association. He provides material and/or intellectual assistance only on the projects for which he is most sensitive. He pays the annual fee of 25 EUR which is the main source of income of the association. He receives the periodic newsletter of the association.


An active member has the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting. He intervenes in decisions on the use of the association's funds. He may eventually receive small gestures of recognition. He pays the annual fee of 50 EUR and receives the newsletter of the association.


A benefactor member is a person, an association or a company that has a crush on Euratina, our philosophy and the projects we carry. The benefactor member may make a donation to the association at his discretion and whenever he wishes. He is, of course, very listened to, possibly receives gestures of recognition and the newsletter of the association.


A friend and if you have not selected any of the abovementioned options, you can send us a word of encouragement. We are always eager to receive new ideas and constructive feedback in order to move forward.


Below you will find the link to the Euratina website and the membership form to become a member of the association.


We would like to thank you for your attention and take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, strength and a good health for the New Year.



Benoit Di Vito (Active member)