Meeting between Euratina members in Belgium.


Thank you to the brave people who faced autumnal weather with a sky so gray that a duck hanged itself.

To take shelter, nothing like a descent into the bowels of our good old earth.


The Blegny mining site is a living witness to an obsolete industrial era.

Listed as World Heritage by Unesco! But not only.

It is also a place of memory that reminds us of the incredible, almost inhuman conditions that our minor grandparents had to face.


Swipnig a deep blue Italian sky and a hot climate for a life of hell in the hart of a country in search of labor.

A disproportionate deal:

"The breath of life for a little black gold."

We have all felt the weight of this suffering. This visit was a symbolic meeting to pay tribute to a generation of black guys from the south.


The day continued with a warm 'pranzo' at an Italian in the center of Liège.

The pleasures of the table are part of the traditions. That statement is valid for all those who carry Atina a little bit in the heart.


Thanks to Sandra for the organization, thanks to Ben and Michelle, thanks to the Treasurer and his little princess. Thanks to Pierina and her other half, thanks to Viviane and her lover!


See you next time for new adventures!